Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More adventures at Target

I know it's been a while, and to be honest, since I discovered Facebook, I have kind of stopped looking at blogs, however, there are some things that are just too long for Facebook...and so I will post it here and link this to Facebook.

Adventures at Target. So some of you know of the adventures that I have had at Target. For those that don't let me know and I'll tell you. But I have to share my latest one...

Standing in line to buy some milk at 9:30 at night. And there is a person in front of me who purchased quite a large amount of items, but because the Customer Service Trainee (as clearly stated on his badge) is finishing things up. As he is about to finish, a front-end supervisor walks up and observes him finalize the purchase. He scans the last item and he looks over to his supervisor apparently to gain approval prior to hitting the total button or whatever...this is when things get ugly.

"Why did you look at her?" The customer demands of the trainee.
"Why did you call her over here?" she shouts
"I didn't, I..."
"Why did you come over here and watch us?" she starts to berate the supervisor.
"Ma'am I didn't come over for any particular reason..."
"Did you think I was going to steal all of this?"

(At this point the three of us, trainee, supervisor and myself are looking like deer in headlights)

"Did you assume that because I am hispanic, I am not able to pay for all of this, so you called someone over to be here to make sure?"

-So at this point, the customer has decided that the supervisor was called over to prevent her from stealing...I feel it necessary to further describe the players involved in this tale. The trainee is a young african-american man who looks like if I sneezed, he'd blow away, the supervisor is 5 feet nothin' and probably weighs about 100 lbs SOAKING WET...the customer is about 5'6' and probably outweighs me...

At this point, an employee that works out on the floor comes over to see what the hubub is. OOPS!

"What do you want?"
"What seems to be the problem?"
"I'm being discriminated against, that's the problem. He thought I was going to steal, and so he called this lady over here, and now they won't answer any questions."

-This prompts the other worker to explain that the trainee is a trainee and the supervisor is supposed to check up on him every once in a while.

"Well why couldn't they tell me that. I didn't know he was a trainee and besides, he had done other people before me, why did you come over when I was about ready to check out?"

"Ma'am it's on his badge, I didn't think I needed to point out the obvious." (I thought that was a good zinger by the supervisor.)

At this point, the customer lost all control (I know as if she hadn't already right?).
"YOU - WILL - BE - HEARING - FROM - ME!" She shouted, pointing at each of the employees in turn.

After she left, I was being about to complete my transaction when another employee walked up to find out what happened.

"Why did he just walk up?" I asked the trainee...Maybe my joke was too soon, because he just about feinted until I told him I was joking.

So the best part is, she went to the guest services desk and demanded to speak to the manager...Guess who they called?

Saturday, December 25, 2010


MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, we did. Yes the fat man came to our house. And we were all jolly about it.

Christmas comes way too early for my bones...

but as you can see the kids were stoked to say the least

Woot woot! Kinney got some juice Every child got a pillow pet. Madison got a dolphin, Carter got a dog, and Kinney got a ladybug Checking out what we got
Carter was pretty excited, even though he doesn't do mornings either!
Yeah a baby! Kinney loves babies Check out her cool "Minnie" winter hat Carter got a tag, to play and read! So did Madison OH MY GOODNESS!!! *SCREAM!*

Yes, Santa brought Madison an "I-pod" (actually an mp3 player)

Can you tell she was a *little* bit excited Carter got a cool remote control monster truck and a skateboard I think he's pleased... Check out Kinney's "Minnie" baby....she loves Minnie and babies! Check out Madison's moves! Shake that thang! Oh yeah! Uh-huh! Boogie on down! I think Christmas was a huge success at our house! Thanks Santa!

Hope you had a merry Christmas as we did

Until the next post....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Temple Square

I think every Utah LDS family has a tradition of going to Temple Square to see the lights. This year we chose a good night. It wasn't very busy considering. And miracle of miracles it wasn't the coldest night of the year. Every other year it seems that we decide to go and it turns out to be the coldest night of the year and we freeze!

Madison wanted to take a picture of one of the nativities

Carter wanted to take a picture of the lights I love the bright red tree And here's the three in front of the Temple

I hope you enjoy your time at Temple Square, we did

Happy Holidays

Until the next post....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

St. Nicholas

Every year on the first weekend in December St. Nicholas comes and visits our house if we've been good. I don't know how good we were, but he came anyway.

Hope your holidays are bright and merry this year

Until the fat man comes, oops I mean Santa...

Saturday, November 6, 2010


It's that time of year, when 5 BILLION leaves fall into our backyard! I love fall, the smells, the colors, the sports, the temperature, but I hate that I have to rake and rake and rake and rake some more! It never ends! GRRR!!! Anyway every year when it's time to rake the leaves, we rake them into a gigantic pile at the bottom of the slide for the kids to slide in to.

And away they go... Kinney looks scared, but she absolutley LOVES the slide Carter...Oh Yeah! And Madison...what can you say? I hope you all have a happy fall

Until the next post...

Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's that time of year again. My favorite time. Except this year and the last few weeks has been so crazy and sad and insane that I didn't have time or money to get me a costume so I was kind of a Bah Hum Bug for Halloween.

I know, I know stop your beating heart that I wasn't excited about Halloween.

Oh well there's always next year.

This year we had a very scary witch, a creepy glowing skeleton and a cute dancing ladybug!

Madison was our witch..complete with fake purple eyelashes! Then our cute little ladybug, complete with matching tu-tu and wings
And then our scary Skeleton and it had to be the green skeleton because then he would glow in the dark...very important for my boy!
McKinley was terrified of Carter, that's why she's crying, yet she wasn't scared of Madison.
Hope you all have a

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Love the Tate Spooks!

Until the next spooktacular post...

Friday, October 15, 2010


For our UEA we decided to go to the cabin since my mom was in Colorado and I don't remember where dad was, so we had the cabin to ourselves. It was a nice little get away just for our family. We hiked and went over to Smith and Morehouse and wandered around. We soaked our feet in the cool stream. Overall a very relaxing extended weekend. We took a few pictures, Here's Daniel and Carter...I love his goofy face of trying not to laugh Kinney is just so cute, I love her laugh and smile! Here's me and the girls.
Crossing the partly dry stream bed.
Usually in the spring that stump they are on is underneath the water
Getting Kinney to laugh making her look like a moose Getting our feet wet! McKinley was NOT touching the water! Such a happy, Dry little girl They weren't very happy, especially after Madison slipped and got her pants all wet. Drying out and soaking up the sun Time to to the truck Until the next post....

Friday, October 8, 2010

Future Cardinell

We have had Madison participate as a Future Cheerleader. This has not always worked out. Since the Future Cheerleaders perform in February and that is usually when we struggle with Madison falling asleep at 5pm! So she usually is tired, grumpy and crying through the routine. This year we had her participate as a Future Cardinelle. This is great since it's lighter later and she usually stays awake at least through the 3rd quarter. Even then the fourth quarter she usually falls asleep....yes....even with the crazy (Tate) fans screaming and cheering.

Here's Austin...28, 28....Goooooo TATE! And now for the half time show.

Serious Cardinelle face.

Sassy!...It was very fun and cute. We had signed up Carter to be Cardinelle Security and dance, but he wouldn't. He wouldn't even go on stage to be with his class for the primary program. That boy only likes attention when he wants to be the center of attention. Funny kid.

Until the next post....